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Covid 19 Precautions

I have had to put into place a few changes which afford compliance with Association Body and Insurance requirements. I have also made other changes which have not been enforced but which I believe will create a safer treating environment, considering present health concerns.

Association of Reflexology & Insurance requirements :

-Masks. It is now optional for both client and practitioner to w ear a mask. If the client prefers to wear one and prefers me to wear one please let me know when I send your appointment reminder.

- Frequent washing of hands/sanitising 

- Maintain social distancing

: Practitioner to

- Fully clean down and air treatment room and contacted surfaces and areas between appointments, using anti viral/bacterial cleaning products

- Take contactless payments or bank transfers if client prefers

- Wear dedicated clothing which is washable at 60 degrees

- Risk assess and provide track and trace evidence

I have a brand new stand alone treatment room at the top of the drive...The Cwtch. Please see 'about Funky Feet page' for piccies! It has been freshly decorated and its contents are easily cleanable. I have also had my treatment couch re- upholstered in Healthcare grade fabric which is impregnated with an anti- microbial/bacterial/fungal/viral product, scientifically proven to be effective against Covid 19. No need for wasteful couch roll to be used.

I will have a half an hour gap between clients to allow a full clean down of all used areas and 15 minutes of airing of the treatment room. This should also ensure the avoidance of client overlap. Due to this, please be considerate and try to be punctual with appointment times.

You will be able to use contactless card payments, cash or bank transfer to pay.

When you have an appointment I will contact you the day before to ask a short list of Covid 19 related Risk Assessment questions. I can do this via text if easier?

Please bring your own water to drink after the appointment!! And if you do enjoy a snuggly blanket could you please bring one of those as well!

Apart from the masks, if required, the treatment will be as normal and therapeutic as it possibly can be.



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