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Why Clinical Reflexology ? :


Touch therapy

Reflex points

Effects on our nervous system


History :

  : Reflexology is an ancient complementary therapy which facilitates holistic healing of the physical, emotional and mental, in order to enhance HEALTH.

  : A Clinical Reflexologist will tailor the reflexology treatment and range of techniques used according to the very specific holistic needs of the client. Each treatment will be individual to those physical, emotional and mental needs.

Touch therapy :

  : Reflexology is a touch therapy; I make hand contact on the clients feet and occasionally hands.These areas are manipulated and massaged with pressure placed upon various reflex points.

Reflex points :

  These Reflex points or Reflected points correspond to various systems and organs in the body.The pressure on these specific reflex points is thought to instigate a balancing action in the corresponding body part.Please feel free to have a look at my Chart Book detailing the precise anatomical reflection of the body on the feet!

  : The balancing action of Reflexology has been seen to improve conditions as generalised as depression to those as specific as a chronic back injury.(research papers available on AOR website)

  : Only when body systems are fully balanced and in a state of homeostasis can the individual achieve its own full potential for repair and HEALTH.

Effects on our nervous systems :

  : Feet contain a huge number of touch sensitive receptors, more than many other parts of the body. Pressure on touch sensitive receptors stimulates the body's Para Sympathetic Nervous System (PSNS).

  : The PSNS is responsible for initialising many physical responses, such as:

lowering blood pressure

decreasing muscle tension

lowering heart rate

reducing inflammation

improving digestive efficiency

improving immune efficiency

inducing deep relaxation.


 : All the above are adversely affected in response to stress;

'It is thought that 90% of all medical conditions can be directly attributed to the effects of stress.' BMA

 : It is therefore clear to me that deep relaxation and stimulation of the PSNS are essential components in negating the effects of stress responses, and therefore reducing disease.

  : Reflexology is not pampering or self indulgence, instead it is prioritising your health!!

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