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The following are personal comments and opinions that some clients have made and given me. Permission has been given to use these on my website.

 Jeanette Morey: "My general health had been suffering after a particularly stressful time and I was looking for an alternative to the usual pain killers to help ease the aches & pains that I had developed. A holiday reflexology session helped so I decided to look for a practitioner at home. Anne was recommended and I’ve never looked back since. The consultation gave Anne an insight into my physical and emotional being and helped to target my treatment. A year has passed and I feel so much better now. I continue to have a session every 4 to 6 weeks to keep everything ‘in balance’ and so far so good. Thank you, Anne, for your total professionalism and kindness. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is thinking of trying reflexology. It may not suit everyone but I know it has certainly helped me. Jeanette Morey.

"Having tried acupuncture for several months as an alternative therapy I thought about trying reflexology. I researched many different reflexologists before finding Anne and I am so glad I took my time to find her. I have now had two courses of 6 treatments with her, one course before and one course during pregnancy. The courses have helped me incredibly and I am definitely a much calmer and more relaxed person since starting the treatments with Anne; I even stopped my acupuncture sessions as I found more benefits from the reflexology. I honestly do believe that the sessions with Anne helped me conceive and ensure a more relaxed pregnancy for both myself and baby and I will return for more sessions in the future, especially if I happen to be overdue! For anyone considering reflexology, I would say give it a go and most definitely with Anne.

Mrs E. Thomas, Cardiff

"I had waited 40 weeks for my little son Ethan to be born and when I was 1 week over I was completely cracked, my belly was huge and I was struggling to walk.

My sister told me that she had reflexology to help her go into labour with my nephew . I got on the internet and did my research, finally after speaking to about 20 reflexoligists in Cardiff, Anne Trigg was recommended to me by another lady, after speaking and quizzing Anne I made an appointment that afternoon.

One thing you will be told is that there is no guarantee but I do believe my session with Anne helped me go into labour, after feeling extremely relaxed that night I had my show and Friday morning I started labour. Anne explained the points to massage and I continued to massage them all night!!!!!!! My son was born early Saturday morning and i had a very quick delivery.

I would just like to say thank you to Anne, she made a huge difference to my attitude in the last few days and if anything she reconnected me with my baby ready for the birth!!!!"

Andrea Williams


"Since starting Reflexology, every day aches and pains are disappearing. I was amazed at how much better I feel and have told lots of people how good it is and they should give it a go" Ken Morgan, Cardiff

"An hour of reflexology makes you feel so much better. I would thoroughly recommend it for whatever ailments you have." Annette Morgan, Cardiff

"After neck surgery the pain and numbness that I had was very worrying. A course of reflexology treatments with Anne at Funky Feet has totally removed the pain and numbness that I had. I would thoroughly recommend Funky Feet Reflexology" Mark Morrish, Cardiff

"I delayed my menopause for 10 years with HRT and as a result I have suffered profound night and day sweats for the last 14 months, feeling tired and trapped.

Reflexology was my life saver. With the help of Anne's expert manipulation and relaxation techniques I now have control of my hormonal imbalance and the awful sweats have reduced dramatically in severity and frequency.

I feel so much better! Meg Knight, Cardiff

"If you break a bone it takes 6 weeks to heal, so I do think it is important that one should go with the 6 week treatment course to give yourself time for that healing"

Meg Knight, Cardiff

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